Housing Projects

Rimaven Homes Dau

Go over the page on the link above, to learn more about this project. There are very few remaining prime units left for sale.

We recommend that you book an appointment for a site visit soon. Remember: “land is finite”, as a famous quote states. Find your own piece of real estate before they get sold out.

The Rimaven Homes Dau page will provide some detail on the project:

  • house models
  • facilities and amenities
  • location

Housing projects in Pampanga are on the rise, but still can’t keep up with the demand. Have you made your reservation to one yet?

Talanai Homes

Hover over the “housing projects” link in the menu above, then click on the “Talanai Homes” text. This will lead you to a brief introduction on your future home.

Currently, the project is in development. It is growing at pace better than expected. Houses are up. The clubhouse is ready for use. The gate, guardhouse and fence are constructed. Much of the roads, sidewalks and underground utilities are in place.

Be one of the first ones to take advantage of the freshly built village. Live close to the city center. Enjoy the comely atmosphere, peace and security, and quality of development Talanai Homes provide.

Contact us to set an appointment.


Watch out for future announcements.

Studies and planning are underway for projects located in the other parts of Pampanga.

One such project is in Floridablanca. No less than the most respected real estate development guru has see this project’s potential. It should be a good asset for investment, but more so, as a place to enjoy life in with the famiy.

Another is an extension to the highly successful Rimaven Homes Dau.

Are you excited to see these upcoming housing projects in Pampanga by Rimaven Properties? Do you wish to see them develop other types of project as well (offices, commercial buildings, hotels, etc.)? Do comment or suggest here.

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