Chapel Rises in Sapang Biabas

Sapang Biabas Mabalacat

“God loves those who find joy in giving.” – Pope John Paul II

Sharing and giving back to the community and to the church do bless us immensely. It is a privilege to have been part of helping build a chapel where God’s people can come together to thank and praise Him.

It was early this year when Among Venancio “Jake” Viray through Mayor Cris Garbo of Mabalacat City approached us for donations for the completion of the Chapel. Approximately 3,000 Catholics in the neighborhood are hoped to be served by this . Apparently, its construction started last September 2020, but fell short of funding to be fully completed. While roughly finished though, it was already put to use to hold Simbang Gabi Masses last December. Thus when it rains, the faithful mass attendees were inconvenienced due to rain spatters.

Rimaven has in the past contributed to school building projects, calamity reliefs, youth enrichment, and in several other charitable endeavors. Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic and economic crisis, we’ve been blessed enough to have friends and partners who helped us supply the resources – the labor and the material. We are grateful and inspired by such generosity and camaraderie. Indeed, the Bayanihan spirit is alive; but can there be more moving and inspiring than the Holy Spirit? We thank God above all; but we’re also thankful for the following who have served as channels for his blessings:

  • PHIA HAULING               
  • ROVINAL CONSTRUCTION                      
  • KAIROS ALUMINIUM                   
  • FOUR ACES                   
  • CR CORPUZ                  
  • 168 RYLE TRADING                    
  • 725 SHELTERWORKS                 
  • D-SQUARE                    
  • TANAY INDUSTRIES                   
  • BMBI ENTERPRISES                   
Roof on the sides for installation

Today, the 15th of May is the Feast of San Isidro. We can celebrate this milestone: the project currently is 90% completed. Together with the above partners and donors, the Makabakle Chapel Project we started middle of April can finally be completed by the end of this month.

May the faithful of Sapang Biabas find peace, love, hope, mercy, blessings and joy in this chapel. 

Laborers at work
Roof installed

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