Closer to Home in Mabalacat via the Malolos-Clark Railway

Mabalacat clark Malolos railway

House and lots have been in demand in the City of Mabalacat because of its proximity to Clark –the airport, business centers, commercial and industrial hubs. This is just one of the many reasons home buyers took a liking to Mabalacat. Location is king in real estate, after all. 

The recent announcement on the award of the construction contract and its work commencement this December brought renewed interest in properties along the route of track. Its 54 km stretch from Malolos to Clark shall pass by Mabalacat, with a dedicated terminal and even a depot stationed in the city. 

The MCRP will use the present Right-of-Way of the PNR passing through the ten towns/cities of Calumpit and Malolos in Bulacan; then Apalit-Minalin-Sto.Tomas-San Fernando-Angeles-Mabalacat in Pampanga; and lastly Bamban-Capas in Tarlac. The designed railway Depot will be located in a 40-hectare lot along the Sacobia River in Mabalacat.

Typically, infrastructure development like the building of highways and railways usher in growth in the localities’ economy too. Businesses become more accessible. Travel from homes to offices, mall, factories, warehouses, airports and other towns and cities are cut more bearably shorter.

A key component of the project is an express service from Clark International airport that will take travel to Makati in just an hour.

Mabalacat Railway Route

The railway is hoped to lessen road congestion while cutting down yearly traffic-related costs on the economy. 

The construction is targeted to operate partially by 2023, but should be fully operational in 5 years’ time. In no time, Pampanga houses will rise in values as they benefit from these developments.


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