Hunted House

hunted house

It’s not haunted house, while it’s the season for it to trend online. You read it right. There’s no typo error there.

Halloween is being celebrated by most everyone for the quirky and colorful decors and fun costumes. Kids love “trick-or-treating” for the sweets and tokens received. Adults get a kick out of dressing kids and pets; and millennials, in particular, enjoy the abundance of IG-worthy scenes.

Catholics and other Christians remind us of its pagan origins and dark background. We’re advised to better observe it true only to its name: All Hallows or All Holy. They say, let it remind us of the lives of the faithful Christian saints. Devote some time to prayer and remembrance.

The haunted house is one of its more popular symbols. Some like to be scared from time to time and enjoy watching horror films. Amusement parks or some entertainment centers feature mock haunted houses with costumed actors terrifying paying guests. It’s all lore and fiction for fun. In real life, no normal person would want to live or even visit such a house.

Hunted houses are the real phenomena.

Apparently, there are thousands of people who remain without their own home. It is surprising to note that even during the pandemic, home sales continue on. In fact, real estate property prices have even gone up due to the growing demand and short supply. According to the DHSUD (Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development), the housing backlog stands at 6.75 million units. This could even swell to 22 million by 2040 if not enough houses are built. Literally, people are hunting for houses.

Thankfully, there are several developers of house and lots or condos helping the government address the need for homes. Not all products that come out of the market though match specific or particular needs of the buyers. Some find those on offer to be too far; some can’t afford what they desire; and some don’t meet their standards or tastes. Aspiring house buyers thus becomes house hunters, scouring the proverbial wilderness that is the real estate market for their ideal prey or their dream house.

House hunting, nowadays, is made easier with technology. Google it! One can type in “Pampanga House”, for example, and suggested leads are displayed. Social media, like FB and IG are replete of ads and postings of “house for sale” or “condo for sale.” Real estate market portals like lamudi, property24, mypropertyph, etc. also provide sellers additional platforms to showcase their wares.

Home buying becomes more complex with the plethora of choices. How should a home buyer choose? What house is best for you? Here are some tips for the house hunter — Click: Home Search Tips.

Better yet, allow us to guide you, present to you, and answer your questions. We can call you, have an online video meeting with you, exchange messages with you, or even meet you personally. The choice is yours. Rest assured, we follow strictly the safety protocols as everyone’s safety and well-being are primary for us.

Happy house hunting.

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