How Near is Home?

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Homebuyers’ No. 1 Consideration is its Location

You’re looking for a house to buy, but need to know how far it is from everywhere you need to go to. How many kilometers or how many minutes will it take you to get there from the house you’re considering? Is there a quick, unbiased, and scientific way to know the answer to the “nearness” or “proximity” questions. The answer is simple: Google It!


Go to Type on the upper left hand box the origin or starting point. In this case, your home address or location. Then click on “directions”. You may see it below with the blue arrow icon. On the box, type in the destination. Say, “bus terminal”. Wait and marvel as Google show you the directions, graphically and as text directions (on the left) margins. It will also indicate the distances and duration of travel. Give some allowance to varying traffic conditions from the time you checked this. It should give you a very good idea of proximities.

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