House Renovation Tips


House purchase? Check! House renovation next. From one goal to the next: that is how life is kept interesting, challenging and fulfilling.


Your new house is great, but still not perfect for you. You want it to suit you with a clear stamp of your personality on it. Most houses bought from real estate developers, are “cookie-cutter” types—designed to satisfy a wide spectrum of tastes and needs.

Challenging it is, and even stressful if not done right. Here are some tips to make your renovation less of a hustle and more enjoyable.

  • Double check and ask yourself. Do I really need this? Do I have time for this? Can I afford this?
  • Seek inspiration. There are home and interiors magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, Google and the person-you-look-up-to’s home.
  • Write a list of all items you wish to have, describe them, and then estimate their costs.
  • Go over the list and its total cost and if it goes beyond your budget, prioritize. Leave the others for a future time’s project.
  • Seek help when needed. Consult with the professionals. You might need people who know more than you in electrical, plumbing, finishing and other renovation matters.
  • Comply with rules. Does the work you intend needs permits from the local government or the home owners association? Let’s assume you’ve fully paid the house from the developer.
  • Do the renovations before moving in, otherwise you’d have to rent while construction works are on-going.
  • Keep a checklist kit that consists of cost estimates detailing items needed, the plan or drawing, and swatches and specifications. You’d need this as you inspect its progress and its completion.
  • Punch list. Check the final product using your checklist.
  • Enjoy with friends and family. A blessing, thanksgiving or housewarming party will usher in days of hominess in your own haven of joy.

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