Social Distancing by Design

social distancing

Why Most Prefer House and Lots Versus Condos

Walls separate homes. Both condos and subdivision houses have them. Perceptively, perhaps the divide or space between neighbors favor the latter. Additionally, condos have a lot more common areas where convergence and physical contacts are more imminent. These are along corridors or hallways, elevators, lobbies and the shared amenities.

Even prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the clearances and seeming or real detachments that horizontal residential units provide are a major factor in such preference leaning. People, by nature, seek privacy, independence, security and safety. They find these in gaps, separations or at least, in dividing partitions. In recent months, in real estate brokers fora or discussions, they’ve cited a trend that affirms this preference. While property sales have slowed down in certain segments, surprisingly, subdivision sales remain good. Could it be that some condo dwellers are even moving out? The experience of being locked in, with more limitations of movement within the buildings, could have taken a toll on some.

Condo-living amidst the pandemic should improve as property managers and building administrators implement current best practices in sanitation, disinfection and people movement management. In the meantime, fear, anxiety and apprehensions are more felt once one leaves his or her condo unit. “Was the one who last pushed the elevator button infected?” – such thoughts are psychologically cumbersome.

Social distancing just happens to be easier to practice in a spread out residential development. By design, house and lots are provided with easements (front, back and some even on both sides). In the case of townhouses, the front and back have clearances, while the sides are “fortified” by firewalls.

Wherever we currently live in, let us practice safety and cleanliness habits. Let us protect others as much as we protect ourselves — follow the Golden Rule.

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