Home Office Productivity Essentials (H.O.P.E.)

Home Office Productivity Essentials

Make “Work-from-Home” Work

Home Office Productivity Essentials (H.O.P.E.) – These are extraordinary times that require non-ordinary solutions. We are learning to adapt to the new environment. There are and there shall be many changes. The goals remain the same for businesses and employees: to make a profit and to make a living. Hurdles are added, though, as safety and survival suddenly took primacy.

Most organizations have implemented work-from-home. Both the companies and the employees, more likely than not are new to this. Expectations may be lower as to output and efficiencies; but such shouldn’t be the case for many tasks. Both parties should make it work, not under subpar measures, but should even seek for the opportunities for improvements.

Consider that traveling to and from work takes 3 to 5 hours to many employees per day. Imagine the stress relieved and the costs saved if work is just at home.

Let’s consider the advantages of working from home:

  • Better control of personal time. Take note flexibility should bend towards productivity and efficiency.
  • Comfort and ease
  • Personalized working environment
  • Cost savings on daily work allowance
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Lessen the desire for vacations
  • Safer and more secure
  • More productive can be at one’s disposal

There are more positives, and there are disadvantages too. You may go through past articles on the subject. Work-from-home isn’t anything new. Many are just afraid of what you didn’t try and test yet. Now, companies have been forced to consider this.

The above may not be possible without following certain rules and guidelines, though. Here are some tips to make working-from-home work:

  • Secure an area conducive to work
    • Proper lighting and ventilation
    • Organized or uncluttered
    • Equipped with work tools (PCs or laptop, telecoms and internet, etc.)
      Keep away from noise and other distractions
  • Set and stick to a schedule
    • Especially videoconferencing which involves others
  • Establish goals and measures of productivity
    • You can work this out with your team or superiors
    • Accountability remains
  • There are more in various references I’ll share below, but also do watch these videos.

To just survive or to still thrive while faced with challenges is dependent on your resilience and drive. Hopelessness is the fuel for failure. Drive and discipline are personal and self-imposed. Your own and your organization’s collective success is determined by structured “Home Office Productivity Essentials (H.O.P.E.)”.

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