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Rimaven is about you and your dreams of home and family.

We are home builders but like yourselves, we too are a part of a family. We aspire to live the best lives, in the best homes, in the best communities.

We share your dream; and like you, we work hard to attain them. We seek out ideal locations where school, place of work, and all places we go to often are close by. We plan and specify for the highest quality that we know we can afford. We build and administer so we’d have peace of mind in the structural integrity of our houses and in the security of our fenced off community. We plant gardens, establish places for play, leisure and bonding with friends and neighbors.

Rimaven was born in Pampanga. This is our home by birth and by choice. It is ours to nourish and make better. It is ours to enjoy and relish life in.

Rimaven Team
Rimaven Properties, Inc.

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